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Hwa Crawford is a juried plein-air artist who grew up in an urban environment in Korea and moved to America when she was in her early twenties.  Drawn by the natural beauty of America, Hwa decided to settle in Northern Virginia.  Words cannot describe the wonderful feelings Hwa felt when she first saw the Virginia countryside, and although she had never visited Virginia before, Hwa inexplicably felt she had come home. The magic continued as Hwa's career and personal ambitions came true for her in this new land.  These feelings crystallized many years later when Hwa proudly expressed them on canvas. 
Reflecting her personality, Hwa's Great Falls, Virginia home is filled with music and visual art.  Her husband and two sons are also very active, creative artists and musicians.
My visual art is an expression of my happiness in being able to share my appreciative and joyous sense of life with you.  My inspiration flows directly from my love of the beauty found in nature.  I find painting to be a profoundly wordless way to explore my feelings and thoughts, and the wondrous phenomena we call "life."
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